Under 5 International Preschools is now officially following the Multiple Intelligences Approach.

A Multiple Intelligences Approach advocates that every child is smart when catered to their type of intelligence. There are eight different forms of intelligences and there isn’t a better form than the other. They are all equally valuable and viable.

The world now is way past labelling children as smart or not. Each child is gifted and challenged by his or her learning abilities and preferences.

Understanding and identifying the different kinds of learners is how we work with children now at Under 5. We deliver every theme and learning subject catering all types of intelligences.


Eight Types of Intelligences:


Verbal Linguistic

This intelligence involves the ability to communicate and having the love to use language in a variety of ways, through oral or writing, as opposed to pictures.



Children with this intelligence process information by relating to others. They display a high awareness or sensitivity towards others’ feelings and intentions.



Children have a strong sense of themselves as well as their wants and needs. They are self-reflective and are thoughtful in making decisions about their lives


Naturalist / Environmentalist

Children with a high appreciation of natural wonders and phenomena are said to possess this intelligence. They see the connection within the natural world and display genuine care for the environment.


Visual / Spatial

Children with high visual intelligence process information best-using pictures, visuals, and imagery. They have a sense of direction and an ability to think and plan in three dimensions.


Musical / Rhythmic

Children with high musical intelligence learn best through music, sound, and rhythm. They have high ability to perceive pitch, tone and rhythmic patterns.

Children Drawing
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Logical / Mathematical

Children who display this intelligence are curious about how things work. They are able to carry out complex calculations, enjoy finding connections and patterns in shape and numbers.


Bodily Kinesthetic

This form of intelligence involves using body parts to communicate or express oneself, and the ability to coordinate bodily movements well.”