Infants: 3 months - 1.5 years

"Under 5 is not just a nursery, it’s home."                      
                              Malek Ramy’s mom

Our infant program starts at 3 months through 15 months. During these first special months, our teachers and caregivers spend time holding, nurturing, talking and singing to babies and infants to help them establish secure attachments. Alongside with Emotional needs (Inter- and Intrapersonal Intelligence), Physical (Kinesthetic Intelligence) and Cognitive (Mathematical Intelligence) needs are also met; babies enjoy sufficient tummy time every day, they lay under mobile toys, strengthening their eye coordination, and they’re regularly taken out to the garden to enjoy the sun and fresh air (Naturalistic and Spatial Intelligence).


 Infants are also offered age-suitable toys to enhance their Cognitive and Physical Development; we interact and guide our infants through guided playtime to provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration, and communication. The songs we sing and the stories we read stimulate Verbal and Musical Intelligence.


 Because routine is key for Babies and Infants’, our teachers and caregivers keep a daily log of feeding, sleeping, and changing times, helping our children transition from infants to toddlers as smoothly as possible.