Under 5 International Preschool's Frequently Asked Questions

How many branches do you have?

​We have 8 branches across Cairo. New Cairo 1, New Cairo 2, Maadi, Shorouk, Nasr City,

Sheikh Zayed, October, Deutscher Kindergarten Zayed. 


When did Under 5 start working in the field?

Under 5 started operating in 2003. Read our story here!


At which age do you start accepting kids?

We accept kids at 3 months of age.


I'm looking for admission in the middle of the academic year, can I get it?

Yes, it's possible.


What payment options do you have? Can we pay monthly?

Parents can pay as full-timers (1 month) or as part-timers (12 days) or per term (3 months).


Regarding the few initial days, can the parents accompany their kids in the classroom?

Parents are most welcomed to stay in the parents' area and watch their kids through the monitor screens, but not inside classes.


Can our child just join you for after school activities?

Yes, it's possible. Children are most welcomed to enjoy the play area with a healthy meal and join the activities scheduled.


What about the after working hours babysitting services?

We provide a babysitting service starting from 7 a.m. till 6 p.m. for all Under 5 age groups. For now, Under 5ers, we provide a one-day babysitting service for all age groups except for infants. Extra babysitting hours can be requested.

What kind of meals do you offer?

We offer 3 healthy balanced meals: breakfast, lunch, and a snack.

Do you have a regular doctor visit?

We have full time family doctors in some branches, and a biweekly visit from a doctor in other branches.




"Thank you for all the joy you gave it to our kids. It’s our pleasure to be part of your community."                     
Rehab El Badry



What kind of curriculum do you follow?

Our program is based on a combination of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum that is the statutory framework for education and care of children as the Montessori bringing up and educating, combined with the Jolly Phonics and the Multiple Intelligences.


How will I be informed about my child's performance?

We have complete daily reports that strengthen the relationship between our parents and caregivers. There's also the Under 5 app that can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore or Google Play. View the tutorial video by clicking here.


Will you be sharing the learning material (curriculum) for us to understand what he’s being taught?

Parents receive a monthly plan with what’s being taught.