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The Under 5 story all started back in 2003 with a passionate mother who wanted nothing more than a caring beneficial environment for her child. She started the nursery and promised herself to keep it that way and to develop it to be the place that’s behind young successful kids.

Our stick to the promise of a caring beneficial environment is what set us aside from any other school and created the bond and trust between our kids, parents, and us.


We are now proud to announce that our journey has reached ELEVEN nurseries covering the main areas in Cairo. And our team is here for you to answer any questions, receive and work on any problems to make our parents and potential parents the most satisfying ones out there. 



Our Mission


Our mission at Under 5 is to build a solid foundation for our children’s developmental process, which revolves around the encouragement of individual and social awareness.


We provide a loving and caring environment that is appropriate for accommodating your child's every need. We strive to give each child the feeling of being included, honored and truly valued.

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