Preschoolers (2-4 Years)

"The best place where I can leave my child to have fun, develop, and grow
without being afraid. I love them all."
                              Lama's mom

Our Preschool program is subdivided into two stages: Junior Program (2-3 Years) and Senior Program (3-4 Years).

 Our curriculum is designed to cater to our children’s different learning needs; introducing them to elements like world culture to which they might not otherwise be exposed to. We believe that just memorizing information deprives children of developing their natural smartness, therefore, we offer an all-encompassing program, of reading, writing, tracing, coloring, problem-solving, creative art, singing, dancing, imaginary play, Mini-Science, Mini- Culture, and grow motor skill development, giving them a variety of exciting opportunities to explore, discover and learn in their own unique ways.

 At Under 5, we listen to our children, as they try their best to articulate their needs, talents, abilities, and interests.