Toddlers: 1.5 years - 2 years

"Under 5 is a synonym to development, love, and care."
                              Amr Hatem's mom

 Under 5’s toddler program provides a safe, fun and active learning environment. Our Toddlers enjoy a daily balance of structured learning and free play, bouncing between coloring, tracing, dancing, gymnastics, art, singing, and storytime.


 We encourage our children to explore and learn through playing with blocks and puzzles, creative art and imaginary play. We enjoy books each day through circle time and incorporating stories and songs that encourage language skills.



 Our Toddlers practice real-life routines, like hand washing, putting on/taking off their own socks, shoes, and coats, bringing down and cleaning up toys and sharing them with friends. Toddlers experience healthy peer interaction while participating in activities that strengthen gross motor skills, such as balancing, catching, bouncing, and standing on tip-toes; and fine motor skills through drawing, painting, and coloring.

Call Us: 0122 218 4793 | | Head Office: Villa 11, St. 261, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

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