Boost Your Child's Immunity

In a season full of microbes, we all need a good guide to protect our little ones. Under 5 is here to give you the ultimate guide for immunity boosting. First off, unlike what we grew up believing, taking your kids out helps fight diseases. The sun, a little dirt, and the laughs all boost immunity! How? The sun kills the bad bacteria in your body! Our white blood cells – the number-one infection-fighting-bodies inside us - increase with sun exposure! Playing in a sunny bright day helps the body produce more of the Serotonin, the happy hormone, which boosts our immunity! But that’s not enough, do you know that your home can actually be worse than outside? Let’s find out some of our unhealthy

Implanting Values in Kids

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. You get full responsibility for shaping a human being, and according to what you teach them, they pass them along from one generation to another. Think about the best traits you would want in your partner or your friend. We say: honesty, loyalty, gratitude, generosity, and teamwork. These are all traits that are either in a human being or not. If you don’t plant them from the beginning, they are very hard to be in a person. And in Under 5, we believe, that these qualities are as equally, if not more, important to education. We will give you a quick guide of how we do it in class! 1. Honesty Children start lying by the age of 2 or 3

4 Tips for a Relaxed Mommy

Mommies are the most valuable possession this world has. They are the main drive to the world’s future. And by their loving nature they tend to give most of their time and energy to their little angels and forget all about themselves, and this causes stress in most cases. Under 5 is here to tell you, mommies, some very simple and easy tips that pamper you, relieve your stress, and charge you up for the challenging days ahead. 1. Devote some time for yourself! You think it’s easier said than done? It’s not! Wake up just half an hour earlier than your kids, and relax your body in a hot tub. If it’s wintertime, have a small walk around the block for getting out some energy. And it’s summertime,

Nurturing a creative child

In contrary to what most parents think, studying mathematics and scientology by heart is not the utmost success in today’s world. Soft skills are valued today more than any kind of knowledge. Ultimate success nowadays is a person with creative and innovative thinking, and Under 5 is here to guide you, mommies, to nurturing a creative child from the very first stages in life. Does creativity come by nature or nurture? Unlike what we believe, creativity comes by nurture. You will not teach your child creativity, you will rather create an environment that supports and develops creativity in your child. First off, step outside of the box, mommies and encourage the mess created by your child! Ded

We Chose the Montessori Activity Approach

Our team has a passion for the Montessori. We believe it is one of the most powerful approaches reaching children out there. Why? Because it empowers the uniqueness of each child, it does not treat children as a group, it focuses on every individual on his own. Montessori is all about promoting the joy of learning. And when children find happiness in learning, they bring out the best in them. But you know what we see pride in the most? Raising independent kids. Montessori children learn how to dress themselves, arrange their toys and clothes, help cook, and take an active role in their community. Our teachers are trained to observe each child alone, reading and responding to their learning s

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