Happy Mother's Day, Daddies!

Forgive us mommies we’re writing a letter to Daddy this Mother’s Day. We want to remind him of how special you are. Of how everyone in the house relies on you. And we want to seize this opportunity and tell daddy to teach his little one/s to show gratitude, and to say thank you.

Appreciation is not a trait you’re born with. You learn it best by example.

Daddies, sit down with your child before Mother’s Day and have a little friendly chat with them about it. Teach them to show appreciation for everyone who makes an effort, big or small, to help us. And on this day specifically, teach them our old-fashioned values of respecting ladies. Plan together a cute gift that would make mommy happy. Create a cute messy letter with both your finger prints on. Go grocery shopping together and plan to bake a simple homemade chocolate cake for mommy. These are all so little things that make a huge effect in building and raising your child.

We believe that everyday should be Mother’s Day. That you should constantly teach your child to cherish their mother by modeling this behavior.

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