Benefits of Quality Time with Children

Every parent gives up their life for his/her children and spend all their time on them, but not everyone truly turns this time spent into quality time. And we know how hectic and slow the time may pass with children, and how stressful it can get. But if you decide to look at it differently, it will have a significant effect on your children.

Are you thinking that finding peaceful quality time may seem impossible with all the errands we all have to do in between assignments, practices, and school? Well we agree, but the good news is that this quality time can be obtained anywhere.

It can be a story told in the car on your way to practice. It can be an hour before sleeping where you decide that you take a walk around the house. It can be right before bedtime when you turn off the lights and just spend fifteen minutes talking freely with your children. Or on the weekend where you give yourself a chance to play how they play. Or by simply having a monthly date with each of your children alone.

All of this will implant inside them that they matter to you. That they are your number one priority. It will develop a very close relationship between you two. It will get you more in touch with your child and his/her feelings, with how they think, and what they dream about. If they have any fears or worries, they often disappear. And they will definitely get back to you when they have problems instead of turning to someone who might hurt them.

Always remember that, the days pass slowly, but years fly in no time

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