Daddy Love

When is the argument that ‘daddy is mostly there for financial support and mommy is there for raising and taking care of the kids’, ever going to end? If more people realize the significance a father has on his child’s life, the world would have better more successful people.

Let’s start by how the daddy-child relationship affects life later on.

Little girls always look up to their daddies as the kings of their world. As their first true love. If this love is not sufficient or giving enough, they will start searching for it outside home by the time they reach adolescence. Because this is the time when they start developing emotions towards other genders.

Adding to that, later on, they will always get attracted and attached to a companion with the same values and similar traits.

So please daddies, give your little girls the time and the love they need. They will not remember much how hard you worked to provide for them, but they will remember your special moments together, how you truly cared for them, and how hard you worked to make time for them.

On the other hand, if you’re a daddy with a little boy, it still is very essential that you are present and active in your child’s life. You are the ultimate role model for little boys. They copy you, they copy how you talk, how you treat the mother and other people, how much you show care at home, and numerous other details that we might not notice. So lead a good example. A person who is involved, a person who cares, and a person that they see a friend in.

And the same applies to them with their relationship with other friends. If you are really there, giving them the time and effort they need, they are less likely to go find other guy friends and engage in activities that might cause problems.

Studies show that children with involved daddies perform much better academically and socially. And are more stable and secure kids than others.

This is the truest investment you make in life, and the best contribution to your society. Give it all your effort and your time.

What you do is what they do. How you talk, becomes their inner voice.

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