Raising Bookworms

If only you knew the value of reading to your child from his very first stages, you wouldn’t skip a day without practicing this valuable experience.

First off, it builds a miraculous bond between the mother and the child. The quality time you spend close to each other and your voice that makes her feel safe, are all moments that you’ll later wish someone would take you back to them.

It also teaches babies all about communication, introduces them to new concepts, provides them information about the world around them, and develops the listening, memory, vocabulary skills and most importantly their imagination. Books create a whole new world in your child’s mind, a world full of imaginary places, people, pets... etc. They also learn to understand the basics of human relationships, values, cause and effects and countless more information.

Devote an hour every day solely for reading with your child. Read the following tips to make the reading activity more enjoyable to both of you

Pick a comfortable spot to read in, one that light fills, and make it a daily routine

Engage your child, say the words together, laugh together, point to the pictures, and make funny sounds

The fun continues after the last page! The moment you finish your story is the moment you start asking about what they found interesting, their favorite character and illustrations, and what would they want differently.

Imaginary time! Ask your child to create a character that would fit in the story and develop its relationship with the characters in the story.

Art time! Now ask them to draw this favorite character or place in the story.

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