Choosing the Right School for your Child

Choosing the Right School - Under 5 Nursery

Nothing overwhelms the parent after delivering the baby and dealing with a newborn than choosing the right school for their child. As confusing as it is, preparing for it makes the process much easier. This is Under 5’s guide to picking the right school for your child.

  1. Get your computer or notebook ready and write down a name-list of schools that you are considering or that are around your area within your budget range.

  2. Log in to their websites, and check out their orientation and application dates. Add those to your calendar and pay them a visit.

  3. Prepare a list of questions to ask

  • Ask for current children test scores. Although they may not be an ultimate indication of how well the students are being taught, but it gives a hint.

  • Ask how teachers are being trained, monitored, and supported.

  • Ask how behavior problems are handled at school.

  • Ask how much homework is given to children.

  • Ask about the school’s philosophy and culture.

  1. Observe. Take a look at how big the school is, how big/small the class sizes are, and what facilities do they have to support the child learning.

  2. Mingle with other parents and listen to their feedback and reviews. It’s also always good to talk to current parents if you can.

  3. TRUST YOUR GUT. You’re a parent and after the list, your gut is the best indication.

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