Raising Bookworms

If only you knew the value of reading to your child from his very first stages, you wouldn’t skip a day without practicing this valuable experience. First off, it builds a miraculous bond between the mother and the child. The quality time you spend close to each other and your voice that makes her feel safe, are all moments that you’ll later wish someone would take you back to them. It also teaches babies all about communication, introduces them to new concepts, provides them information about the world around them, and develops the listening, memory, vocabulary skills and most importantly their imagination. Books create a whole new world in your child’s mind, a world full of imaginary place

The Money TRAP

As parents we want to do the best for our children, we buy them the best clothes, the newest toys and spend a lot of money on these things and of course, our kids usually ask for the new Barbie they saw in the toy store or the plasma car that all their friends have in the club. But what happens is when they have too many toys there is no more space in their room, they have so many clothes that could be enough for 5 kids not one, what happens when it becomes too much? Now, this article is not about education, health or any sort of important aspects that affect your child's future, it's about the other nonessentials, things we buy but aren't really that important. What happens after that is th

The Incredible Health Benefits of Yogurt

This SUPERFOOD has been found to contain a lot of benefits to your body! Whether you’re trying to stay in shape, maintain a healthy figure, or just spoil your sweet tooth, it is the perfect food for you and your kid! It contains the good bacteria your body needs The probiotics found in yogurts are an essential part of having a healthy digestive system. They also have amazing effects on your skin! You can think of them as the friendly bacteria that you cannot survive without. In fact, some people are now taking probiotic supplements. But why pay a fortune on that when you can naturally find them in yogurts? 1. It can help give you the ABS of your dreams, mommies. A research from the Univers

Brain Booster Pancakes

What’s better than treating your little ones to their favorite dishes all while filling them up with some hearty food? We know how picky children get when it comes to clean and healthy eating, so we constantly try to get creative and sneak some goodies into their plates. And this is where our role comes in. We’re always on the search for the most creative ways to get your little ones eating healthy. And this recipe is just the perfect way to do so. The beauty in it is all about how it is loaded with proteins, fibers, and the brain’s most favorite food the Omega 3’s. All of these are essential for a healthy brain development. Credit goes for superhealthykids.com for this awesome recipe! Note:

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