Nurturing a creative child

In contrary to what most parents think, studying mathematics and scientology by heart is not the utmost success in today’s world. Soft skills are valued today more than any kind of knowledge. Ultimate success nowadays is a person with creative and innovative thinking, and Under 5 is here to guide you, mommies, to nurturing a creative child from the very first stages in life.

Does creativity come by nature or nurture?

Unlike what we believe, creativity comes by nurture. You will not teach your child creativity, you will rather create an environment that supports and develops creativity in your child.

First off, step outside of the box, mommies and encourage the mess created by your child! Dedicate a room for messy times and encourage any kind of random game, acting, art or music. Join your kid for a spontaneous dance, for instance! Limit their time of watching television and extend the time spent in this little creative room.

An also another amazingly effective practice is driving your child’s interest into the process not the outcome! Have them start to paint or write freely without thinking ahead of how they want the picture/book to end up like! Let their creative mind take them anywhere it wants.

Other than that, a mistake that most of us fall into is penalizing your kid for being different than his peers! Embrace this difference; encourage them to being unique and not just moving with the flow, this will create a new aspect of interpreting life!

Reading, and listening to stories will never be an old habit! It is such an essential activity that widens the kids’ imagination and creates a complete life with characters and settings in their minds. Most of parents ignore this nowadays and have their kids watch movies instead! If you want a creative kid, don’t miss a week without this activity.

Moving on to outdoor activities, going on an adventure, taking positive risks, and different activities are magical aspects in developing your child’s creativity. Have them regularly experience challenging and different activities, like joining summer camps, going on a hiking trip, parasailing or simply anything that’s unusual! Such experiences unlock their minds and help them think outside of the box.

As for school age kids, make sure that whenever your kids are given an assignment or a project to work on, let them start working on it right away, as pressure limits their creativity. And make sure they’re always participating any kind of extracurricular activities.

Mommies, your kids are your one precious gift, make sure you’re stepping outside the borders of them excelling school subjects and ignoring the soft skills that will benefit them for life.

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