Boost Your Child's Immunity

In a season full of microbes, we all need a good guide to protect our little ones. Under 5 is here to give you the ultimate guide for immunity boosting. First off, unlike what we grew up believing, taking your kids out helps fight diseases. The sun, a little dirt, and the laughs all boost immunity! How?

  • The sun kills the bad bacteria in your body!

  • Our white blood cells – the number-one infection-fighting-bodies inside us - increase with sun exposure!

  • Playing in a sunny bright day helps the body produce more of the Serotonin, the happy hormone, which boosts our immunity!

But that’s not enough, do you know that your home can actually be worse than outside? Let’s find out some of our unhealthy practices.

  • Not ventilating the rooms enough in fear of the cold weather, gives us a reverse reaction.

  • Filling the children’s room with many shelves, curtains and decorating items, look beautiful but absorb more dust.

  • Not washing the kids’ toys often.

  • Washing your child’s hands with antibacterial soaps too much. Kills all the good and bad bacteria, and we all know how germs are good in building the immunity.

  • Bathing your child every day. Yes, you read it right. A bathe every day is not only bad for your child’s immunity system, but can help escalate other skin problems from over drying like eczemas.

But do you know what's the best practice?

Whole Foods for Brains!

Enrich your child’s body with lots of colorful whole foods. This is the number one factor in creating a healthy human. A little junk every now and then won’t hurt, but only if you fill them up with balanced diet. If they refuse something, stop it and give it later. Their taste buds change and develop over time. Be creative and include dark and green-leafy veggies in sweet juices and in their preferred meals.

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