4 Rules for a HAPPY Child

In a world full of dull news, and in a society full of stress, how can we raise happy children?

A child’s brain, character, emotions, and almost every other factor that makes up his human mind and body are formed in the early years between 0 to 6 years of age. If we pass that phase successfully, we can certainly hope for a strong happy human being. But this phase is extremely critical and we need to give it all our efforts.

Be Happy

The first and most important factor in raising happy children, is for the parents themselves to be happy. It’s okay to put yourselves first sometimes. You need a break, and this break is what will give you the energy needed to continue. Children are smart and they feel everything. If you’re worried, stressed, and unhappy, then be sure that this is exactly how they’ll feel.

Connect with your child

Their ultimate happiness is when they see you act their age and get on the floor and play with them. Put away your phones, turn off the TV, postpone the house and work chores, and just enjoy the child in yourself and enjoy your child. These happy moments foster connections. And these emotional connections are directly linked to the brain and its happiness.

Appreciate effort, appraise success, and motivate them in failures

A lot of parents get caught up in comparing their children to others. It’s natural. Everyone wants to see his child the best. But you got to understand that every child is the best in his own way. Always appreciate and appraise their efforts, and always push them when they think they failed. It’s these hard times that build or break.

Let them play

Research shows that play is directly linked higher IQs, happier children, and healthier ones. Play is a child’s work. It’s how children learn and explore. It’s how they socialize. It’s how they bring out their energies. It’s how they exercise. Organize playdates, take them to clubs, and take them to the park across the street. A child will play anywhere it doesn’t need to be fancy, all they need is to feel free.

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